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THE F. PEOPLE : Challenge The Limit

There are various ways for a mother to express their love for their
children, just like it is for Budi Purnomo, who has now become a
successful entrepreneur because of his mother.

“If we succeed, believe that the mother’s prayer is being heard.” It seems that the phrase is very appropriate when it is juxtaposed with the story behind the development of Taurus Gemilang, a company that is engaged in the field of   Lounges and Food & Beverages for the transportation area at various airports in seven major cities in Indonesia that  are now led by Budi Purnomo. It started as a family business in 1989; his mother was the first one who built this  business and left a trail of success for her kid. Since he was six years old, little Budi was given the opportunity by his mother to go directly to see her daily life as a successful business woman during her era. “She is a mother who has always been taking care of her kids. So since childhood, when she was working, I was always invited and could see how she became a very good mentor, because for every decision she have made, I was there,” he said. Established with an  initial concept as an executive lounge operator who built the first executive lounge at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, Taurus Gemilang has developed into the largest and most trusted executive lounge operator in Indonesia.

As time went by, Budi was given the opportunity to take control of the company after the company had been managed by his mother for more than 20 years. Joining Taurus Gemilang in 2010, Budi did not just stick with the company’s initial concept. He never stopped bringing new innovations into this family company. Only two years later, Budi found an opportunity that could allow Taurus Gemilang to develop more brilliantly. Budi also expanded his business concept from being merely executive lounge operator to F&B operator for transportation area and in 2013 surprisingly Taurus Gemilang managed to win the tender to manage F & B tenants at Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. Since then, Budi is fully trusted to take over the Taurus Gemilang, making Taurus Gemilang not only a kinship based company, but also a professional in its field. It’s proven by the success of Taurus Gemilang and trusted to manage the F&B  tenants in Terminal 3 Ultimate, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tangerang, Banten at more than 3000 sqm area in 2016 and a year later Taurus Gemilang will build a lounge at the same terminal and airport with also more than 3000 sqm area and rumored to be the largest lounge in Indonesia.

Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Makassar, Balikpapan, Pekanbaru, and Jambi are a number of cities that have been explored by Taurus Gemilang. Having more than 40 F & B outlets and executive lounges scattered at various airports in the big cities does not necessarily make Taurus Gemilang strip off the distinctive features of each city. For Budi, running a business in Indonesia is very profitable and has its own challenges as well. As a country with more than 18,000 islands, each island must have its own  speciality or interest. That is the mainstay concept for Taurus Gemilang while building F&B tenants and executive lounges. Always displaying the artistic features of a city and providing a development with a modern concept balanced with satisfying service, it certainly can give the traveller many memorable moments and can reduce their stress levels after a good meal, taking a break at the booth owned by Taurus Gemilang.


Despite being a pioneer for 27 years, Taurus Gemilang never forgets the quality of the tenants that will join, “we always seek the best quality from the vendors that will work together. That is also to increase their product sales and their quality to become international standard.” However, Taurus Gemilang also does not close the opportunity to cooperate with F&B tenants which are still traditional and still simple. “As long as they have good quality, Taurus Gemilang will always try to make them keep growing better by collaborating with us. So, in terms of brands, Taurus Gemilang does not always choose big brands, but we see the potential of the brands itself,” says Budi.

As a successful business man and also having recieved valuable lessons from his business woman mom, Budi has his own way of surviving in a competitive business world. There are three factors that have made it possible to make Taurus Gemilang into what it is today, namely always seeking out new opportunities, setting up goals, and belief in the process. 34 year old Budi has proven that he is able to lift a big company like Taurus Gemilang into having a future that matches his name, “Gemilang” (as “Bright” in english). Since Taurus Gemilang has been under Budi’s leadership in 2013, there is no doubt that the company has shot up substanitally with a growth in turnover up to 350%. Not only cognizant about the quantity of income that he produces, Budi is also very concerned and thoughtful about the quality of the team he has. He always makes sure that he has a team that is ready to face all the challenges that would need to be approached. Because for him, the business world is a very dynamic place and when he has a solid team, whatever happens, Taurus Gemilang will always be a company that can not just survive but thrive.

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